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Michelle Molineux

This triple threat had a massive radio hit with Explode which was top 10 on 2 stations in her hometown Edmonton. She is also an accomplished actor and model. Michelle will be recording and releasing more Hands Up! music in 2015!

Michelle Molineux, a triple-threat Canadian pop singer/dancer/actress, made her film debut in 2007 playing an alien seductress in the international DVD release Decoys 2: Alien Seduction. She has played in numerous films, television shows and music videos, and voiced for several cartoon series.

Some of Michelle’s credits include playing Tara, a hauntingly mute sister, in Fear Itself (NBC/Lionsgate) and voicing Hannah, a young girl given powers to fight against the Dark Zone, in the English Dub of Pretty Cure (Toei Animations, YTV Canada, Season 1 and 2). Extremely passionate about acting, Michelle loves of the rush of being on set and on stage.

Recently Michelle worked with Edmonton production team Hands Up! and released “Explode” a dance song that is lighting up the Edmonton radio charts with heavy airplay on Virgin and The Bounce. Michelle’s magnetic personality shines through both in her music and her characters every time she lights up the screen! Look for more new music and music videos from Michelle very soon.