An Edmonton based production duo making great music with great artists

About Hands Up!

Hands Up! music group consists of Dan Davidson and Ari Mastoras, we specialize in pop and dance music.

The Hands Up! sound is a distinctive brand of pop, mixed with flavors of European DJ’s and north American independent rock. They use both electronic and real sound sources to construct unique audio palettes specially targeted at each song as an individual piece.  Dan sings, plays guitar, and some keys. Ari programs beats, plays the synths, and DJ’s.

Dan Davidson

was born in Edmonton and has established himself as a well-respected writer in Canadian music. He has written songs for many major label artists and has had songs placed on well-known television shows. He also plays in the well-known Canadian indie rock band Tupelo Honey.



Ari Mastoras

grew up in Rhodes, Greece. He has been DJ’ing since he was 14 and has opened for some of the worlds most well known DJ’s. Since graduating from music school Ari has produced hundreds of dance songs and has become one of Edmonton’s most proficient engineers. Over the years he has been hired on a wide variety of projects including orchestral, film, house, pop, and dance music.