Hands Up! Music helps artist find their voice. We help create a “sound:. We help artists to stand out by giving them something that sonically and creatively demands attention. 

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Hands Up! Music is Dan Davidson and Ari Mastoras.


Hands Up! Music first began to get attention on the Canadian music scene in 2012. In their first year making music together they won several significant radio contests, were featured in Entertainment Weekly, had several synchs on TV and film, signed publishing deals, and had top 40 radio hits. They’ve done everything from commercial radio music, to soundtrack music, to conceptual art and orchestral music (in all genres). 



Dan Davidson

Was born in Edmonton. AB and has established himself as a well-respected writer and performer in Canadian music. He has written songs for several major label artists, has songs placed on major TV shows and commercials, had several songs in the top 40 in rock (with his band Tupelo Honey). He is also a country recording artist who recently had 2 top 20 hits on radio and the top selling indie song in Canada for over a month. 


Ari Mastoras

Grew up in Rhodes, Greece. He has been DJ’ing since he was 14 in Greek clubs opening for some of the biggest DJs on the planet. Since graduating from music college Ari has become one of the buzz producers in Edmonton before moving to Toronto where he’s worked with major label and top selling acts. Ari has had placements with several major artists based everywhere from Portugal to Brazil. 



(780) 893 3263



Edmonton, Alberta


Hands Up! is dedicated to creating great songs with great artists. We write, record, and produce top 40 quality radio songs, film scores, and indie underground music. We are a one-stop music shop!

With our artist clients we like to offer a package deal. For one price we will provide:

  • Writing and co-writing
  • Pre-production
  • Production/Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Release planning
  • Video production coordination


We also offer corporate and film services:

  • Corporate video audio
  • Film scoring
  • Voice overs
  • Jingles

For a detailed list of our services please contact us:



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